Author Bio

Born Armenian American on Long Island's Gold coast, Lyla has defied convention and morphed too many times to count. Beginning as an engineer, she swiftly made the move to marketeer then drifted from digital design and printing CEO, to tarot enchantress, collecting stories along the way.

As with her career, Lyla's passions have also led to many outlets. She's a high performance race car driver and driving instructor, poker player without the face, loves to shoot pool and although she hates being away from home she does enjoy exploring new places. 

She was gifted her first tarot deck during a chance encounter in an elevator. Innately empathic and claircognizant, tarot unlocked the natural witch within. Lyla has taught tarot, pessomancy (reading stones) and reading junk oracles. She's read tarot, stones and junk professionally for decades and still reads with or without a deck when the moon shines just right.

Swept off her feet by a handsome Greek she met at the race track, Lyla finally found her happily ever after as a wife, mother to a spirited, beautiful daughter and writer. They live in the NYC suburbs, loving the fast paced brutal honesty, great restaurants, arts and energy that define NYC and never fail to light a new / full moon candle charmed now by three.

Lyla Bellatas is an author of contemporary, erotic and paranormal romance who puts the sting back in the tale.
Lyla's books feature strong female heroines, that shatter gender boundaries and defy convention. They are bold and fierce navigating the duality of being strong, powerful and ever divinely feminine.

Lyla's couples fit together where they are broken. It’s their imperfections that unite them and create sexy friction, humor and love. It's the solution to their pain that make her stories hauntingly beautiful.