Spell Bound

Spell Bound, the first book in the Enchanted Candles series, is a spicy light Paranormal romance set in Modern Day NYC. Each of the books in the series feature a candle spell that illuminates the couple's pain and tremendous possibility if they can summon the courage to stand in the light together.

In Spell Bound, Attorney Ava Wescott has played by the rules to reach the top of her profession, but a life of second guessing has left her heart caged and cautious. After another abysmal blind date, a magical encounter opens her eyes to unseen forces. Skeptical and intrigued Ava cast a love spell that unexpectedly unlocks the witch within her.

Impassioned artist Julian James is a major talent without a muse. After a decade on the verge, he’s taken on one last bread and butter job to redecorate Ava’s law firm. Match meets paper and ignites.

They clash until Ava falls into Julian’s paintings and he unleashes her hidden gifts in ways that blow their worlds apart. Ava’s career unravels and Julian’s charm backfires, landing him in jail. To conjure up a happily ever after, they need to start believing in the magic they make together.

Be careful what you witch for.