Happy Full Moon Blessings ~ Today 3/23/16 we have a full moon and a lunar eclipse in Libra.

This is a polarizing moon so you will have to work very hard on creating balance. With the sun in Aries and the moon in Libra you are dealing with issues of who you are vs. where you fit in relation to others.  Individual vs. Communal. Concentrate on what you can do to share rather than divide.

It's helpful to have your natal astrological chart drawn up. You can do this on free sites such as astro.net and you can see exactly where this full moon is hitting. This is helpful to figure out what aspects will be effected. You can also usually figure it out by reflecting on what is going on in your life. Where you are where you want to be.

If you are interested in bringing in new energy then light your candle before 8 EDT. If you want to release energy then light your candle after Friday 2:08EDT.

The full moon energy is very potent but when it's combined with an eclipse its off the charts. Expect intense energy and high emotion. Lunar eclipses focus on what is hidden. What is reflected. The moon reflects light. The moon is also emotion.  So expect high drama.

I never miss a chance to light a candle on a new moon or full moon an especially never when it coincides with an eclipse. Typically I light a white or green candle but sometimes I veer. Each color is symbolic but what's most important is what you attach to the candle. If green to you means abundance and love then so be it. If it means money then that is fine. If it means jealousy and you wish to eliminate that from your life than that is what it is.

Remember you are the most important element of the spell. It's all about you and what you feel. It's also about what you gather. This morning I saged the house. I lit a stalk of dried white sage - blew out the flame - and smudged the house by walking around in a counterclockwise direction - repeating my mantra - make up your own -

               Gone form here the stress and strife that comes in to our lives

               we get our strength from light and love and feel God's protection from above.

Then I lit my candle and made my intention. Mine is a simple prayer but if you prefer to write something elaborate - go for it. Keep your intentions positive. Remember all energy that you put out comes back to you threefold. Always make it good.